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We are pleased to announce our ‘Playground Peacemakers’ peer mediation programme started up again this week.



Playground Peacemakers undertake a 6-8 week training course where they learn about listening, assertiveness and problem solving skills. As well benefiting our school, the training will be extremely useful for the children in many aspects of their future lives.


We had a large number of Y5 and Y6 children apply for the Playground Peacemaker posts. To be selected is a huge achievement and the children involved should feel extremely proud of themselves. As a school we take pride in our ‘Playground Peacemakers’ and admire the children’s enthusiasm for helping others and their commitment to contributing to our school community.



Three of our Playground Peacemakers, Hannah, Leighton and Navaera tell us what it is like to be a a Playground Peacemaker below...



What is a Playground Peacemaker?

It's someone who can help children solve problems and play happily together. A Peacemaker is also here to talk to people about situations.


What have you learnt that you didn't know before the training course?

I found out that there is different parts of listening and that under what you see there is different parts to it (e.g we see anger but the child might actually be feeling another feeling underneath like lonely or embarrassed). Also there is always a way to solve a problem.


What do you enjoy about it?

I enjoy seeing people making friends and I also enjoy working with different people.

When I help solve a problem it makes me happy.

It helps people to have a role model in life


How does it make you feel?

I feel proud of myself!

It makes me feel as if I have done something to help children and made sure they have got friends.


After lunchtime today, our Peacemakers commented,

"I feel really proud of myself"


"Ive never had an experience like this before, I feel like I am really helping people"

"I've never had a chance like this before, I feel amazing"

"It feels like you are giving people a chance in life . I feel happy for people to believe in me"


Thank you to all our Playground Peacemakers for giving up your time to help others. You really are helping our school be the best place it can be!


Miss Jen