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Canoeing is a brilliant water based activity that is lots of fun and young people love.  At some point most participants will get wet and this is usually through their own doing!

Canoeing is a great activity for developing teamwork, as usually the boats are paddled in pairs.  Canoes can be used for journeys, developing skills or just ‘messing around in the water’.


Introductory sessions usually take place on one of several local lakes where the focus is on learning new skills whilst in a safe, enjoyable and supportive environment.  As part of as introductory session we often complete a small journey and can include some bush craft.

Groups will often opt for a taster session, but for those with prior experience or if you want to develop canoeing skills as part of your course we can offer the following possibilities:

  • River trips
  • Exploring estuaries
  • A trip on the Menai Straits
  • Overnight Expeditions
  • British Canoe Union performance awards