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Pupil Voice

The pupils participated in a survey, conducted during the summer term of the 2017/2018 academic year. They were asked ten questions about their feelings towards school, year six were asked a further question about their entire time at Yew Tree.


Here are the results of KS2 pupils:


  • 89% of pupils feel safe at Yew Tree
  • 93% of pupils enjoy learning at school
  • 84% of pupils felt that teachers and staff cared about them
  • 68% of pupils felt that people in school had listened to their views
  • 93% of pupils felt they were encouraged to do well
  • 86% pupils thought that most lessons are interesting and fun
  • 89% of pupils know that there are people they can go to if they have a problem
  • 94% of pupils feel that they have learned new things this year
  • 79% of pupils felt they knew how to improve their learning
  • 82% of pupils would tell other people to come to Yew Tree


  • 99% of year 6 pupils enjoyed their time at Yew Tree