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Well-Being at Yew Tree

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Sandwell Well Being Charter Mark

Yew Tree Primary school has shown an outstanding to creating a school that promotes the well-being of pupils, staff and parents, and as such has been awarded the ‘Sandwell Well-being Charter Mark’ 

At Yew Tree the aims of the school are the same for all pupils. In a caring, disciplined and happy environment pupils are provided with many opportunities to develop spiritually, socially, physically and intellectually. In order to ensure that our mission statement of




is fulfilled we have placed a great deal of emphasis on the emotional wellbeing of our pupils. 


What do we provide for Yew Tree Kids?


  • Nurture

    • ​Nurture is a small intervention group for 8 - 10 children who work closely with two experienced members of staff. Nurture group is a well established way of providing inclusive early interventions and supporting the pupils social, emotional and behavioural development. Nurture aims to develop self-esteem, social skills, responsibility for self and others and learn appropriate behaviour. Nurture allows time to express thoughts and feelings in a controlled and acceptable way. This is the foundation to raise academic achievement to fulfil the children's potential in class. Our Nurture staff works closely with teachers in order to transfer successful strategies in the classroom.  

  • Yew Tree Leaders

    • ​Yew Tree Leaders is about children being part of helping the school be the best it can be. It is about children caring about their school and each other. There are many roles including: Playground Pals who help children to solve problems in the playground and Office Angels who help to deliver letters within the school. 


  • Worries and Wishes

    • ​The "Wishes and Worries Box" is a tool that provides pupils with the opportunity to let the school, teachers and peers know how they feel about anything in school. Each classroom has allocated a box for wishes and a box for worries. Every half term, two children are selected from each class who will meet with other pupils to share some of the worries and wishes from their classes and solutions and suggestions will be considered to solve the worries and make some of the wishes come true.


  • Morning Hub
    • ​The idea behind The Morning Hub is to give the children a settled, positive start to every school day. This provides a safe environment where the children feel welcomed into school, where they can internalise that they are valued and that school is there to listen. This is an opportunities to talk and ask questions. 


  • Forest School

    • ​Forest Friends is a great opportunity for children to explore nature and strengthen their creativity and imagination. Children are able to enjoy fun activities in a natural environment, where they are free to explore, take risks, set themselves challenges, achieve and gain independence skills and enhance their self esteem. 


  • Young Carers

    • ​Sandwell Young Carers and Yew Tree Primary School are working in partnership to identify and support children whose lives are affected as a result of caring for a family member. If your child is providing support to a member of your family who has a physical disability, ill health or has become dependent on drugs and/or alcohol then your child may be eligible for this support. 


  • Pastoral Group Interventions for KS2 Pupils

  • After School Clubs


Close links with outside agencies including:

  • Speech and language therapy
  • Health visitors
  • CAMHs workers
  • School Nurses


What do we offer Yew Tree Parents and Carers? 


  • Parent Teacher Association
  • Parent - Child After School Clubs
  • Family Support
  • Parents and children attend early years preventative groups
  • Filial therapy for parents and children
  • Family Centre & Courses
  • CAF
  • Adult Counselling
  • Signposting


If you wish to have any further details please contact school.


Nurture Leaflet