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Nursery topic for Summer term 2.

The seaside.

Nursery summer topic - the seaside.

Nursery topic overview for Summer Term 1.

Incredible Early Years Parent Course.

Nursery Easter Activity Day.

Nursery topic for Spring 2/2017.

Nursery are holding a literacy workshop with Hillside Children's Centre on

Thursday January 12th 2017.

Come and join in with the literacy fun activities with your child.

 Morning session activities: 9.30am -10.30am

Afternoon session activities: 1pm - 2pm.

The literacy workshop will be held in the Nursery (Yew Tree Primary School).

Nursery topic for Spring half term is weather and patterns.

Nursery children will perform their Christmas production on:

Tuesday 6th December at 10.30am (morning children).

Tuesday 6th December at 2pm (afternoon children).


Wednesday 7th December at 10.30am (morning children).

Wednesday 7th at 2pm (afternoon children).

Only two tickets per child.

More details to follow.

Many thanks

Nursery staff.



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Nursery are holding a range of workshops where parents/carers are invited to join in with their child's learning in early years.

Please speak to nursery staff if you would like to attend any or all of the workshops.

Communication workshop - 17th November 2016.

Literacy workshop - 12th January 2017.

Numeracy workshop - 11th May 2017.

The workshops will be held during morning and afternoon sessions - in the nursery.

Thank you.

Nursery topic for this half term is toys and celebrations.

Many thanks to nursery children and parents who attended our nursery Harvest festival.
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September 2016.

Welcome back to nursery.

We begin our nursery year with the topic Myself/I am special.