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Nursery 2018 - 2019

In Nursery we are always busy 'mark making'. Mark making is referred to as any mark that a child makes and can be done with lots of different materials. In Nursery we love to explore making marks in many different ways - painting, drawing, whiteboards, shaving foam, gloop or painting in the puddles! (Just to name a few).


Remember we're not 'scribbling' we're exploring all of those important skills such as giving meaning, connecting ideas, creative expression, problem solving and representing thoughts and feelings through marks that we make. 


All of this lovely mark making also helps us to develop our fine motor skills allowing us to learn how to grasp and hold tools such as paint brushes, pencils and scissors. These are all skills that will help us to learn and grow.

Children In Need Day

Children In Need Day 1
Children In Need Day 2
Children In Need Day 3
Children In Need Day 4
Children In Need Day 5
Children In Need Day 6
Children In Need Day 7
Children In Need Day 8
Children In Need Day 9
Children In Need Day 10
Children In Need Day 11
Children In Need Day 12

The children were very excited to go and visit our giant Pudsey bear for Children in Need. We all bought in coins and placed them onto the bear - doesn't it look great! We learnt about the word 'charity' and we know that the money we have given is going to help children who aren't as lucky as we are. We made a wish on our coins to hope that it helps the children in need. We loved 'Pudsey' day and all looked great in our Pudsey clothes and ears! 

Number Play

Number Play 1
Number Play 2
Number Play 3
Number Play 4
Number Play 5
Number Play 6
Number Play 7
Number Play 8
Number Play 9
Number Play 10

In Nursery we spend lots of time exploring numbers and counting through our play. This half term we have been learning to recognise the numbers 1 to 5. We have been practising 'careful' counting where we only count one object at a time. We are beginning to recognise that numbers represent a quantity.

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 1
Remembrance Day 2
Remembrance Day 3
Remembrance Day 4
Remembrance Day 5
Remembrance Day 6
Remembrance Day 7
Remembrance Day 8
Remembrance Day 9
Remembrance Day 10
Remembrance Day 11

To commemorate 100 years since the end of World War 1 we had a 'Red Day' in Nursery. We all came to school in red clothes and we learnt about what a soldier is. The children have been busy making a lovely red poppy which we have displayed in our classroom. We learnt how to scrunch up tissue paper and stick it down using glue. 

We worked together to collect leaves, sticks and other natural objects to make a bonfire picture. We explored using paint to colour the leaves and using glue to stick the objects down. We had to sort out big, little, long and short leaves and we also sorted them by colour. We have taken the opportunity to learn all about how to keep safe at bonfires in school this week. 



We adore being outdoors at Nursery. Today we have been exploring some wonderful pumpkins. First of all we used them in maths and were describing them using the words 'big, small, little, tiny and huge'. We then decided to have a go at pushing, twisting a squeezing some golf tees into our pumpkins. It was a little bit tricky but great for our fine motor skills! Look how much fun we have learning! 

Conkers Bonkers

Conkers Bonkers 1
Conkers Bonkers 2
Conkers Bonkers 3
Conkers Bonkers 4
Conkers Bonkers 5
Conkers Bonkers 6
Conkers Bonkers 7



We've gone totally conkers bonkers in Nursery. 

We've been busy making conker ramps, painting, drawing and using them to make play dough creatures. We've even been counting, sorting and threading with conkers too. Some of us found them hidden in the sandpit and used them to decorate our creations. 

Nursery Rhyme Sessions

Nursery Rhyme Sessions 1
Nursery Rhyme Sessions 2
Nursery Rhyme Sessions 3
Nursery Rhyme Sessions 4
Nursery Rhyme Sessions 5
Nursery Rhyme Sessions 6

Our Grown Up's Came to a Nursery Rhyme Session in School.

Our parents joined us all for some lovely family library sessions last week. 

We sang nursery rhymes, our teachers told our parents about the importance of early reading and we even shared a book or two with our grown ups. 

Thank you parents for your engagement in such lovely sessions. 


We would like to wish you a big, warm welcome to Nursery. 


We are thrilled to have met your children and are looking forward to helping them settle into their nursery.


If you have any concerns about your child then please do not hesitate to find a time to come and see us so we can help.


Thank you for taking the time to read this page and keep your eye on it as we will be updating it with news, events and dates for your diary.


Nursery Staff


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