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Summer half term 2/2 'The seaside'.


Nursery topic

Summer 1/1 2018


During Science week nursery children made a bug hotel and their own bubble solution.

Nursery Topic for Spring 2-2 2018

We had a visit from the road safety officer to teach us how to cross the road and stay safe.

Weather and patterns

Spring topic 2018



Nursery topic for the Spring half term is the weather and patterns.




For celebrations nursery children celebrated Christmas with the Nativity.

The topic for nursery children is celebrations.




Nursery children explored the outdoor area in September.

September 2017.

Welcome back to nursery. 

Nursery staff are: Miss Borra/nursery teacher.

Mrs Hall/LSP

Miss Clarke/LSP

Mrs Kaur SEN support.

We begin our nursery year with the topic Myself/I am special.