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Year Six

Spring 2


This half term we will be doing a lot of revision ready for SATs week.  There will be a parents evening Monday 13th March and Tuesday 14th March for you to discuss this with your child's teacher.


We will also be doing lots of practical Science activities - we will post pictures on here each week.

Science Investigations - Week 1


This week we looked at how to stop an egg from breaking.

We chose the materials that we thought would stop the egg from breaking when we dropped it.

See the pictures  for our results.


Science Investigations Week 2


This week we are investigating liquids.


Session 1

We looked at the density of different liquids.

Do you know what density means?

Can you identify the different liquids in the cups?




Session 2

How can we make our own lava lamp?

We used water, oil and food colouring, then we added an alka seltzer.

Look at the pictures below to see what happened!



Science Investigations - Week 3




This week we looked at electrical circuits.

We made our own circuits to light up a bulb then we investigated what would happen when we changed some of the components.

Science Investigations - Week 4


Session 1 - Light


In this session we looked at how light travels, we used mirrors to reflect light and change its direction of travel.





Session 2 - Shadows


In this session we looked at how shadows are formed. We investigated how to change the size and shape of a shadow.

Summer Term


For the first few weeks of this term we will be focussing on revision for SATs.


SATs week is the week beginning 8th May.


After SATs week we will be focussing on writing and the other curriculum areas.



6A - Mrs Walker - Thursday pm


6B - Miss Coleyshaw - Friday pm


6C - Miss Sherwood - Thursday pm


Please make sure your child's kit is in school on the appropriate day.

How can you help your child?


You can help your child by:


  • Listening to them read their reading book every day.

  • Practise times tables.

  • Helping your child with their homework (see homework schedule). 

  • Ensuring your child has their I-pad in school everyday and it is charged over 90%.

  • Signing up to Class Dojo to track their progress in school.

  • Ensuring that your child has their PE/swimming kit in school on the appropriate day. 



This year your child will be allocated homework and independent learning in line with the homework schedule.