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Farm & Allotments

At Yew Tree Primary School, we place great emphasis on raising pupils’ awareness of the environment around us, how food is produced and how to live healthily. Therefore, we are extremely fortunate to have our mini farm as well as an allotment and sensory garden area.




We recognise the therapeutic benefits of working and being with animals and being engaged in other horticultural activities the farm provides. The activities on the farm help the pupils foster an attitude of care and respect towards the animals on the farm as well as fostering team work and respect for each other whilst in a working environment.


The farm is also used to give real-life, concrete examples of practical application of mathematical and literacy skills across all key stages


What is in place?

  • We are members of the School Farm Network, which supports and assists schools in developing their own farms
  • We are active participants on school farm Facebook groups to build up capital and see what other schools are doing.
  • We are in contact with ‘Rodbaston College’ for advice on expanding and developing our farm area
  • Some of our pupils use the farm to help develop self- esteem, personal awareness and to lead towards a positive impact on right choices and behaviour.
  • We have a year group timetable in place for all year groups to access the farm



What is in place?

  • We have a Grounds' Assistant who supports the allotments which includes managing the weeded and ensure beds are ready for planting
  • Each year group has selected a fruit or vegetable to plant and will begin planting once the beds are ready