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Pupil Leadership

Yew Tree School Council

The School Council play a vital role in the life of our school.  Each class from Year 1 to Year 6 appoints a School Council Rep with elections taking place at the end of the first week in September. Newly appointed reps then serve for an entire year.

School Council reps meet each half term and discuss a range of matters relating to the life of school and the wider community.  They are the ‘pupils voice’ and can share concerns, questions and thoughts from their class members.  They also play a key role in liaising with the Governing Body to ensure that the school is a positive place to be.  School Council Reps will engage with the wider community and understand the importance of a democratic society.  They also play a role in fund raising and supporting a range of charities.

The School Council is overseen by Mr Whittington.



Make A Difference

We don’t just talk we get things done.


  • We think of others and run successful fund raising campaigns for charities including: Sport Relief; Children in Need and Comic Relief. We will also be looking to support local charities within our community. 
  • We hope to get accreditation for all the hard work we are going to put in. We also hope to arrange a visit to our local council and also visit our local MP for West Bromwich East at the Houses of Parliament so we can see Democracy in action!

20/21 School Councillors 

1A - Hamza 

1B - Jayden

1C - Edward

2A - Jack

2B - Inaya

2C - Nancy

3A - Nylah 

3B - Eva 

3C - Megan 

4A - Elisa

4B - Ria 

4C - Amelia

5A - Sapphire

5B - Samuel 

5C - Lily (VICE-CHAIR)

6A - Alfie (CHAIR)

6B - Marco

6C - Charly

Other roles within school for children

Eco Ambassador

Each class will appoint an Eco Ambassador.  This group of pupils are responsible for the promotion of looking after the school environment and our role in looking after the world.  The ambassadors will oversee the need to save energy in the class, will implement (with the support of their peers) ways in which they can reuse or recycle.  They will ensure waste is kept to a minimum and that electricity/water is used wisely.

In order to support with this, the Eco Ambassadors will meet each half term and will discuss strategies that can be shared with the School Council, Governing Body and Senior Leaders.  


There are also many other roles within each classroom. Ask your children about these roles

New Roles for September 2021!

Keep an eye out on this page for some new roles we hope to create for the children.

These roles are subject to change.

Roles we to hope to create include:

School Ambassadors 

School Ambassadors are appointed by the Headteacher and SLT in consultation with the Year 5 class teachers.  They serve this role when enter Year 6. The appointed pupils set very high standards in their conduct.  They are highly regarded and respected by the school community.  The appointed pupils promote the school at various events and are confident to speak in front of a wide range of audiences.  They contribute to the development of the school.  Only pupils going into Year 6 can be appointed to this position. 


Safety Ambassadors

Each class will appoint a Safety Ambassador.  This person is responsible for the promotion of safety around school and in each classroom.  This is a role that will be applied for in each class and the decision to appoint will be made by the class teacher.  The ambassador will oversee the promotion of being safe (including road safety, stranger danger and e-safety).  They will also work in consultation with the school’s Health & Safety adviser to ensure the school is a safe place to be.  They will undertake promotional activities and workshops around these areas and can promote these to their peers, parents and family members.

In order to support with this, the Safety Ambassadors will meet each half term and will discuss strategies that can be shared with the School Council, Governing Body and Senior Leaders.  


Play Ambassadors

Play Ambassadors are selected from pupils in Year 5 & 6 following an application and interview process.  The role of Play Ambassador is linked to the promotion of positive play at break and lunchtimes.  Play Ambassadors are responsible for leading a range of games and activities with all age ranges and play times.  Play Ambassadors are supported by the LTS.  The appointed pupils attend a weekly after school club where they learn new games and activities that they can then teach to the pupils in school.  They play an important role in ensuring play times are creative, fun and safe for everyone.  Play Ambassadors must commit to this role and the need to spend some of their play time delivering games and activities.  The Play Ambassadors work on a rota basis meaning they are not always on duty and can interact with their peers however, they must commit to the role and cannot ‘pick and choose’ what they do.  We seek pupils who are creative, enjoy leading activities and enjoy promoting positive play.  Appointed pupils will be supported by the LTS and are expected to attend the weekly after school club.  Appointed Ambassadors work closely with the School Council Reps in ensuring play times meet the needs and requirements of all pupils.