Yew Tree Primary School

‘Learning Without Limits’

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Meet the Staff

Our Staff Team 2020/21


 Senior Leadership Team
Head Teacher Mr Jamie Barry
Deputy Head Teacher Ms Rachel Sherwood
Assistant Head Teacher Ms Sharon Fry
Assistant Head Teacher Ms Tamsie Mclean




Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Team
Nursery Ms Katie Law
RA Ms Emmy Hudd & Ms Rebecca Barley
RB Ms Nusarat Riaz
RC Ms Jessica Horsley


Key Stage 1 (KS1) Team
1A Ms Anne-Marie Perry
1B Ms Danielle Parker
1C Ms Lucy Parker & Ms Sharon Fry
2A Ms Marie Bishop
2B Ms Reena Kaur
2C Ms Zoe Garland


Lower Key Stage 2 (LKS2) Team
3A Ms Caitlin Clarke
3B Mr Joseph Robins
3C Ms Rebecca Feist
4A Ms Kirsty Elkin
4B Ms Lisa Adams
4C Mr Daniel Anderson


Upper Key Stage 2 (UKS2) Team
5A Ms Danielle Beardsmore
5B Ms Sophia Azam
5C Mr Mark Whittington
6A Ms Laura Clarke
6B Ms Hannah Bevan
6C Ms Sally McKnight & Ms Sian Hughes


Teaching Support Team
ECM Team: Safeguarding, Pastoral & LAC Ms Sally Roberts
ECM Team: Inclusion & SEND Ms Carrie-Ann Parsons
MFL - Spanish Ms Charlotte Ashfield
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Ms Joanne Melia
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Ms Lorraine Tonks


Learning Support Team
Ms Karen Bainbridge Ms Claire Dorham
Ms Michelle Dunn Ms Kelly Evans
Ms Veronika Green Ms Lynne Hayes
Ms Helen Hemming Ms Danielle Henden
Ms Jane Hollis Ms Ellie Hopkins
Ms Aamina Ismail Ms Lindsey James
Ms Manjinder Kaler Ms Kulwinder Kaur
Ms Karen Lappage Ms Joy Lowe
Ms Kealeigh Neville Ms Kerrey Neville
Ms Danielle Parmar Ms Julie Sutton
Ms Shannon Taylor Ms Rachel Turton
Attendance Leader: Ms Zoe Reed


Admin & Business Team
School Business Manager Mr Gareth Preen
Administrator & Clerk to Governors Ms Angela Forrester
Administrator  Ms Ashleigh Holness
Administrator  Ms Gail Percival


Site Team
Site Manager Mr Malcolm Blewitt
Assistant Site Manager Mr Lee Latham
Cleaning Team
Ms Santa Bimbirule  Ms Marie Griffiths
Ms Angeline Hall Ms Sarabjit Kaur
Ms Charlene Kendall Ms Dawn McCann
Ms Kerrie Spanswick Ms Pam Jones


Support Team
First Aid Leader Ms Rebecca Keogh
Lunchtime Staff Team
Ms Santa Bimbirule Ms Julie Belsten
Ms Kate Bennett Mr Fabien Brown
Ms Emma De'loyde Ms Donna Griffith
Ms Susan Keenan Mr Lee Yates

Our Every Child Matters (ECM) Team

ECM Team Aims

Our Leadership Structure 20/21