Yew Tree Primary School

‘Learning Without Limits’

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Meet the Staff

Our Staff


Come and meet the staff who are part of the Yew Tree family...

Head Teacher



Mr J Barry



Deputy Head Teacher



Ms R Sherwood



Assistant Head Teachers



Ms T Mclean

Ms S Fry



Every Child Matters (ECM) Team



Designated Safeguarding & Looked After Children Leader

Ms S Roberts


Ms R Woodhams

Attendance Officer

Ms Z Reed



Teaching Team



Year 6

Year 5



Ms D Beardsmore

Mr M Whittington

Ms S Mcknight

Mr D Anderson

Ms L Clarke

Ms S Azam



Year 4

Year 3 



Mr M Ixer

Ms L Walker

Ms H Bevan

Mr J Robins

Ms K Elkin

Ms C Clarke



Year 2

Year 1



Ms L Parker

Ms J Horsley

Ms J Thompson

Ms K Oseman

Ms M Bishop

Ms R Kaur








Ms L Dickson/Ms R Barley

Ms N Riaz

Ms A Lane


Ms S Snape






Higher-Level Teaching Assistants



Ms R Baleem

Ms R Turton





Learning Support Team


Ms J Benbow

Ms K Bainbridge

Ms M Chell

Ms L Clarke

Ms D Parmar

Ms A Craddock

Ms C Dorham

Ms K Evans

Ms E Hopkins

Ms V Green

Ms A Hall

Ms L Hayes

Ms H Hemming

Ms D Hendon

Ms L Hogan

Ms J Hollis

Ms A Ismail

Ms L James

Ms S James

Ms M Kaler

Ms K Kaur

Ms K Lappage

Ms J Lowe

Ms K Neville

Ms K Neville

Ms S Sanghera

Ms A Snow

Ms J Sutton

Ms S Taylor

Ms V Williams

Ms N Wright










Administration Team



Ms A Hunt



Ms A Forrester

Ms G Percival



Ms A Holness








Site Team







Mr M Blewitt



Mr L Latham






Ms S Bimbirule

Ms M Griffiths

Ms C Kendall

Ms D McCann

Ms T Norton

Ms L Vale

Ms P Davies

Ms P Jones

Meet the ECM Team in a little more detail!