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Forest School

"Can we imagine ourselves back into that place of discovery when the world was new, to that time when we were thrilled by our senses?"

History of Forest School


The Forest School concept was established in Denmark for pre school age children in the 1980's and was introduced into Great Britain in the late 1990'sthrough Bridgewater College Somerset.


Sandwell Forest School initiative was formed in 2011 with the opening of a designated forest school site located in Sandwell Valley Country Park delivering forest school sessions for pre school and primary age pupils.

Why is Yew Tree Primary School offering the Forest School approach to your child?


  • It supports hands on active learning
  • It develops confident, successful children
  • It helps children look after themselves, each other and their world
  • It increases parental involvement
  • It offers risk and challenge
  • It supports children's' learning in school
  • It promotes active, healthy lifestyles

Research shows that children exposed to the forest school approach possess stronger social skills, a greater ability to work in groups, have a higher self esteem and confidence in their capabilities and have 25% fewer days off school due to illness and present with generally lower stress levels.