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How Do We Measure Your Child's Reading Ability?

How do we measure your child’s reading ability?


Phonics - we continually assess children against the letters and sounds phonics programme and then children complete the year 1 phonics test.


Salford Reading Test – each half term all children have their reading age checked. The child reads a short passage to an adult and the adult can then calculate the reading age. This test indicates how well a child is ‘word reading’ but doesn’t show us how well a child’s understanding is.


Reading Comprehension – children will answer test style questions, which will give an indication as to how they are performing against national curriculum age related expectations. These questions are used in guided reading and English lesson and will also be used as a whole test at different points throughout the school year.


Reading accuracy – when your child reads to an adult, we will check how many words are being read correctly. A ‘rule of five’ is applied, as a child needs to read 95% of the words correctly to understand meaning. The ‘rule of five’ is to read approximately 100 words and count for mistakes. If there are more than five mistakes made (uncorrected mistakes – a child can correct an error and it is not counted as a mistake) then the book is too hard. Equally is your child reads with no mistakes then the book is too easy.


All of the information above pieces together to let us know how well your child is reading. If there is an area where you child may be struggling, then an intervention (extra support) would be put in place to ensure that your child can catch up.