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School Improvement

School Development Plan 2023/24


We have recently reviewed our School Development Plan (SDP) in order to ensure continued & sustained improvement at Yew Tree Primary School. The new SDP, which is officially launched in September, builds on previous progress that the school had made over the last few years. The over-arching principle of our SDP for 2023/24 is 'Building Better & Growing Success'.


The full plan is available to download below but, for your information, our Core Priorities for 2023/24 are:


  • Refining and strengthening teaching and learning, through a focus on research and development of expertise, leading to better R/W/M outcomes for all groups of children in order to close the gap with or exceed national averages. 
  • Supporting the development of 'outstanding' behaviour and attitudes by understanding and addressing barriers, strengthening practice and refining approaches (inc. for children with additional or complex needs).
  • Strengthening and developing the expertise of all staff and leaders, in developing a fully inclusive learning environment, so that the school effectively meets the needs of all groups of pupils at the school and exemplary practice is strengthened and shared.


If you have any questions about our school development priorities then please do get in touch with a member of the Senior Leadership Team.


School Development Plan (SDP) Overviews