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Peer Mediators


At Yew Tree, we believe in the idea of our community being the Yew Tree family. However, we know that all families have their ups and downs and children fall out with one another from time to time. 


In line with our core values (especially those of responsibility and respect), we believe it is important that children have strategies to resolve conflict so that we can all get along and live together harmoniously. 


Selected Y6 children are trained, in collaboration with Peacemakers, to take on the role of Peer


Peer Mediation


Peer Mediation is a process through which two trained school mediators help two other children or young people engaged in a dispute to find their way to an acceptable solution. It is a key strand in our school support network and part of our restorative justice approach in behaviour management. It is not the same as ‘Buddying’ or Mentoring schemes but often operates alongside such initiatives in schools.


Children often identify for themselves an impressive range of key qualities needed to become Peer Mediators. These can include:


  • Reliability
  • Ability to keep confidences and not gossip about other children
  • Ability not to take sides
  • A sense of humour and a friendly personality
  • Someone who can make good eye contact with people
  • Someone who can mix easily with others


All our Peer Mediators will apply for their role and undertake extensive training. Peer Mediation training includes the following:


  • Effective team building (particularly important when children are being drawn from parallel classes within their Year Group)
  • The ability to work comfortably and effectively with all individuals within the Team
  • An understanding of conflict escalation and conflict resolution
  • Personal communication skills including effective listening, speaking, recall, body language awareness
  • The importance of empathy and emotional literacy
  • Confidence-building in the Peer Mediation process
  • Managing and controlling Peer Mediation sessions
  • Confidentiality and boundaries in Peer Mediation
  • A range of Peer Mediation role plays

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