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Brook Sessions

Brook has been commissioned to work for the next two years in Sandwell supporting parents and carers around RSE at home. This is to provide parents and carers with the confidence and skills to discuss relationships and sex with their young people and support the mandatory RSE that the young people will be learning in school. In addition some sessions will be focussing on supporting young people with emotional wellbeing.

Brook will be running a series of Facebook Live sessions that parents and carers are invited to join. The sessions will be informal and Brook will answer frequently asked questions, provide tips on how to discuss certain topics at home as well as provide the opportunity for live questions.

The sessions will run 6.30pm-7.30pm on the following dates:

01/02/2022 & 08/03/2022- Mandatory RSE

· To give parents and carers an understanding of what RSE lessons at school will be covering, as well as equipping you with practical tools and knowledge to broach these subjects at home.

09/02/2022 & 16/03/2022- Consent

· How do I explain what consent is to my child?

This is a question that lots of parents and carers want to know about in order to support their child understand the true meaning of consent.

17/02/2022 & 24/03/2022-Body Image

· What is body image and the importance of feeling positively about our bodies? How to support young people to understand that a positive body image is associated with better self-esteem, self-acceptance and healthy lifestyle behaviours, including a balanced approach to food and physical activity.

28/02/2022 &28/03/2022- Mental health

· What is mental health and wellbeing? And how can Parents and Carers support young people to have open discussions regarding mental health.

The sessions will be advertised on Facebook so visit their page and follow. If you have any questions please email