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Welcome to Reception!


The Reception team are really looking forward to working with you and your child this year. We have lots of exciting learning opportunities planned. The staff that will be supporting your child in their learning journey this year are:



              RA - Mrs. Dickson (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs. Barley (Wednesday-Friday)

              RB - Mrs. Riaz

              RC - Ms. Horsley


Our Early Years lead is Mrs. Fry.


Support and Cover Staff: 

Mrs. James, Ms. Benbow, Ms. Craddock, Ms. Hopkins, Mrs. Henden, Ms. Madari, Mrs. Roberts and Mrs Baleem.


PE Days

Each class will be having 1 PE session each week to begin with.

              RA - Wednesday

              RB - Friday

              RC -  Thursday


PE kits will need to be in all week and the PE dress policy can be found on the school website


Current Topic

Our topic for Autumn 2 will be "What happens when I fall asleep?" 


Why are there stars in the sky at night?

Does everyone go to bed at the same time as me?

We will explore these questions and more in this project about night time.


Contact Information

You can find the school's contact details here.

We use Class Dojo to communicate relevant information. If you do not yet have access to this, please speak to your child's class teacher.

Tapestry Parent Guide


Home Learning



Each class will be having one Forest School session each week starting in

Autumn 2 (W/B 2nd November 2020):

              RA - Thursday (PM)

              RB - Tuesday (PM)

              RC -  Monday (PM)


Please select the letter for your child's class to find out their start date and more information. If you have any questions then please speak to your child's class teacher.

Autumn 1

Poisoned Apples! 


The children had lots of fun today looking for apples the wicked stepmother had hidden! 

2-D shapes


The children have been exploring, naming and talking about 2-D shapes this week.

The Gingerbread Man


We have been reading and getting to know the Gingerbread Man story. We have also been creating Gingerbread Men and taking part in an experiment to see what happens if we dip them in different liquids.

The 3 Little Pigs


We have been reading the story of the '3 Little Pigs'. We explored various materials such as sticks, straws and blocks to see which would be best to build a house for the little pigs. Which one do you think was the strongest material? 

The Enormous Turnip


We listened to the story 'The Enormous Turnip'. We spoke about how to care for seeds and what plants need to grow. We then planted our very own turnips. Keep a look out for a progress picture.

Magic Beans!


Reception found some magic beans in the classroom and planted them outside. Look what has grown from our magic beans!

Wellbeing Week 2020


Reception have been doing a range of activities for wellbeing week. We have been:

-getting active to Lazy bones

-keeping calm by making sensory bottles

-learning something new by looking at Bristish Sign Language Gestures.

-giving to others by having an act of kindness day.