Yew Tree Primary School

‘Learning Without Limits’

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Summer 1


Sunshine and Sunflowers 

In the Sunshine and Sunflowers project the children will explore their local environment and see how it has changed throughout the year. They will grow flowers, fruit and vegetables in the garden area. They will learn how to care for plants and animals, identifying some different types. They will take part in outdoor learning activities and find out how to stay safe in the sun.



Shadows and Reflections

In the Shadows and Reflections project the children will learn about natural phenomena, including shadows, reflections and echoes. They will find out how shadows are formed and how they change shape and size through the day. They will explore how different materials and surfaces reflect light.



This half term we will be learning to recognise numbers 11 and 12 and counting up to 12 objects, saying a number name for each object. We will learn to count backwards from 12. We will continue to secure our knowledge of number bonds to 10 using tens frames and part-part whole models. We will play games involved in partitioning and recombining sets. We will look at odd and even numbers and represent patterns such as pairs of socks and shoes. We will continue our pattern work and explore the concept of doubling and knowing that double means ‘twice as many’.