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Spring 2



Dangerous Dinosaurs

In the Dangerous Dinosaurs project, your child will find out about prehistoric animals that lived on Earth. They will learn facts about dinosaurs and discover how big some of these giant creatures were. They will learn about the difference between carnivores and herbivores. They will also find out about the animals that lived after the dinosaurs and which modern-day animals have prehistoric relatives.


Puddles and Rainbows

In the Puddles and Rainbows project, your child will learn about the weather associated with the season of spring. They will explore natural phenomena, including rainbows, clouds, rain and wind. They will explore colours found in the natural environment and learn how to mix primary colours to make new colours.

STEM Week - WB 14th March 2022



This half term we will continue to look at securing out recognition of numbers to 10 and learning number bonds within 10. We will look at finding numbers that are one more and one less and sharing and doubling numbers within 10. We will look at measurement – length, height, capacity and weight, making comparisons and ordering items by their length and size. We will begin to look at patterns in number, such as counting beyond 10 to the teen numbers, counting in 2’s and odd and even numbers.